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Business Growth: Mange The Modifications

Our professional team of lawyers constantly assists clients when making decisions about changes they wish to make with their business operations. We help them choose the right business entity that is best suited for their current financial state as well as their future growth potential.

Our KLG attorneys ensure each client obtains the scaling opportunities necessary to remain competitive within their chosen industry while also reaping the maximum amount of benefits from their decision. We provide professional industry insight as clients consider the following business options: corporations, LLC’s, general partnerships, and joint ventures.

Our experienced lawyers counsel each and every client to help them circumvent the usual issues business owners face including detrimental tax implications and tolerance for personal liability.

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Legal Organization Documents

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The KLG attorneys have the professional expertise necessary to create organizational draft agreements and documents that specify the exact responsibility of each shareholder. This is an amazing way to produce role distribution early and set your business up for clarity and success. When clients are in need of a clear exit strategy that correlates with the new direction of their mergers & acquisitions, we guide them through all the succession planning required.

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To ensure your business is bound to prosper, our experienced attorneys create strong contract agreements you can leverage for the life of your business. Obtaining high-level revenue security as well as limited liability are major keys to continuously running a successful business. Our contract attorneys will ensure your strong legal contract allows you to enforce the rights you deserve if a breach of contract litigation occurs. This can be seen with various contract disputes and New York debt collection.


During the various growth stages of your company, we assist you in formulating the joint ventures that ensure constant expansion within your industry. Our skilled attorneys help you create the strong collaborations and large networks that keep your equity increasing while you remain in full control of your business operations.

A sampling of our main services include:

➢ Entity modification

➢ Investment agreement drafts

➢ Entity conversion

The attorneys at KLG are here to help you protect your growing business from potential contract disputes to ensure you are fully able to negotiate the profitable business contracts that will keep you in business for years to come.

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Official Business Contracts and Agreements

Browse the specialized services we offer our clients below:

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Business Startup Guidance

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Our services provide you with an experienced attorney who can guide you through the entire process of starting up your own business. Below are some of the major topics we will consider together for the initial growth of your business:

Choose your entity

Form the official documents

Create your legal entity

When choosing the entity that’s right for your professional goals, we will help you fully understand the tax benefits as well as the asset protection that is gained from each separate choice. Once you develop the necessary knowledge about your personal liability, we will assist you with the next steps in the process.


After your business is officially started, we help you gain insight into the new industry world you’re a part of which includes the following legal necessities 

➢ Strategic analysis of legal risks associated with proposed corporate actions

➢ Solutions to achieve corporate goals while minimizing legal risks

➢ Branding

➢ Trademark registration

➢ Trademark protection, to prevent piracy of your valuable corporate identity

➢ Copyright protection, to protect your intellectual property

➢ Website protection from copyright and trademark infringement

➢ Maintaining your legal entity, once created, to ensure the tax benefits and liability protection remain in place

➢ Corporate governance and bylaws matters

➢ Resolution of owner disputes according to the governing documents

➢ Contract review and analysis, including specific comments on what changes to negotiate and why these changes benefit your business

➢ Contract drafting to specifically suit your business situation

➢ Creation of standard contracts you can use over and over again, knowing you are in the best legal position

➢ One off contracts that put you in the best legal position ➢ Contract negotiation, putting you on equal footing with the other party to the contract

➢ Review and negotiation of Credit Agreements with lenders (simple or complex)

➢ Employment law and HR related matters, including compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Americans with Disabilities Act and its Amendment Act (ADA and ADAAA), the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), etc.

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How to Operate a Successful Business

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Ready to Sell? Here’s How!

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When you’re finally ready to sell your business, our attorneys will make the process as smooth as possible through the following steps:


Plan the full transaction process

Sell the legal entities that no longer suit your acquisition strategy

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