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What is Kleyman Law Group

About Us

For more than a decade, Kleyman Law Group has been honored to serve the Brooklyn, NY, communityThrough all these years of dedicated service, we’ve continuously displayed the unmatched integrity needed to produce high-quality services for all our valued clients. Our attorneys give expert counsel and specialized knowledge to each case, fostering a feeling of security within every partnership. We follow a client-centered approach that constantly leads to sustainable success through developed knowledge pertaining to a wide range of litigation matters. Our Business-minded strategies are backed by a professional team of subject matter experts for the legal sector where our clients need help. Our clients are the soul fuel of our motivation, dedication, and drive to continuously create innovative ways to solve their most pressing legal cases. Kleyman Law Group was built on the support of amazing clients like you. If you’re in need of our legal expertise, call us today.

New York Commercial & Business Litigation Attorneys

Our Mission

The attorneys at Kleyman Law Group always strive to allow their clientele to feel heard and understood when going through complex legal situations. To that end, our legal team of professionals constantly strives to resolve all your legal matters while exceeding your expectations in all areas regarding customer service and innovative legal solutions.

When you partner with Kleyman Law Group, you will obtain exclusive access to the following:

Lawyers who respond to your inquiries within 24 hours

Lawyers who provide you with professional legal counsel to help you make the best decision for you

Lawyers who constantly endeavor to earn your trust through actions, not just words

Lawyers who consistently display their expertise and provide you with confidence in their ability to succeed


We guarantee that our litigation expertise will serve you well. For any legal matter, you can count on our assistance.

Our Vision

Our goal is to continuously expand the scope of our legal services so that we may touch the feelings and thoughts of people all around the state of New York. We believe that KLG's extensive experience can be put to good use for the benefit of the numerous businesses and individuals taking the world by storm, making KLG the law firm of choice.

Business Litigation Attorneys | Kleyman Law Group
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