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KLG Breach of Contract Attorneys

Contracts are fundamental to the ongoing business interactions that companies engage in daily. These contracts can include real-estate, sales, employment, and many more.

Contracts are created to ensure that all parties involved understand and adhere to certain actions such as payment, deadlines, and the assumption of certain legal responsibilities; however, when an individual or group ceases to adhere to a contract they agreed to, this is known as a breach of contract. While not only illegal in nature, a breach of contract may also upend the delicate strategies and conditions required to execute your financial and business plans. The results can be harmful or even devastating to an individual or a business. In this event, the non-breaching party or parties are within their rights to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for being in breach-of-contract. Whether you need to file a breach of contract lawsuit or your business is in need of defense against such a lawsuit, Kleyman Law Group’s breach of contract lawyers bring expertise to the table in contract disputes on commercial law.

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Filing a Breach of Contract Lawsuit

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There are two options in filing a breach of contract lawsuit: one may file to enforce the contract, or file to collect damages.


KLG has the business law experience to win your lawsuit and legally require the other party to uphold their end of the agreement. Winning such a suit will undoubtedly help your business avoid irreversible financial damages and hardship.


If the negative consequences of the breach of contract have already occurred, you can sue to receive compensation for the resulting damages.

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To ensure your business doesn’t experience tremendous hardship due to another party filing a breach of contract lawsuit against you, allow our professional team to provide you high-quality legal defense. Below is a sampling of the legal defenses we provide all our valued clients:

➢ Termination of Contract

➢ Fraud Protection

➢ Prior breach of contract

➢ Statute of limitations

➢ Repudiation

➢ Duress

Every client is different, so we tailor all our legal assistance to the specific case at hand. Our skilled litigation lawyers know exactly which defenses are most effective for your specific case.

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Fighting a Breach of Contract Lawsuit

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The attorneys at KLG want to ensure you experience a stress-free process whether you’re facing or filing a lawsuit. Allow our business litigation lawyers to leverage their many years of experience for your benefit. Contact Kleyman Law Group today to set-up your free consultation!