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The execution of numerous business transactions is carried out using contracts mutually accepted by all parties involved. These contracts can be presented in the following forms:

Binding letter of intent

Signed memorandum document

Executed contract

When both parties sign the contract, it signifies that both parties will fulfill their contracted obligations and agree to take full legal responsibility for any breach of its provisions.

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract occurs when one of the parties does not uphold their end of the obligations upon which they were initially agreed. Litigation action can then be taken by the party that is negatively affected due to the breach.


With over a decade of expertise, the Kleyman Law Group litigation attorneys represent various people and businesses in need of commercial litigation assistance. Our Breach of Contract attorneys counsel clients throughout the entire litigation process, including:

➢ The settlement of real estate issues

➢ The acquisition/procurement of goods and services

➢ The termination of certain partnerships

➢ The resolution of shareholder disputes

Since a breach of contract may have detrimental effects on your business, commercial litigation is becoming more necessary for many business operations. If you are being accused of breaching your contract, it can seriously damage your professional reputation.


Let the New York Business Litigation Attorneys at Kleyman Law Group assist you with all your issues regarding contract breaches and fraud accusations. Our legal experts are eager to assist you with the wealth of knowledge, bandwidth, and overwhelming expertise that we have in the legal sector.

New York Business Litigation: Our Cases

Courthouse Steps
  • Breach of Contract

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

  • Business Formation and Dissolutions

  • Business Torts

  • Disputes Over Non-Compete Agreements

  • Franchise Formation and Disputes • ( Fraud )

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Officer and Director Liability

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Shareholder Litigation

  • Tortious Interference

Law Books

Start-up businesses often encounter issues that can’t be solved without civil litigation. Fortunately, our business litigation attorneys have years of expertise handling varying complexity cases. The level of sophistication and professionalism our attorneys bring to every case will help you feel confident in the high-level potential for success.

Courtroom Chairs

Even the smallest dispute may halt your business operations, which in turn may cost you valuable money and time. Our commercial litigation attorneys always pursue your claim with the highest level of dedication and vigor to ensure your personal assets don’t take an unnecessary hit.


We highly recommend you to use the professional assistance of an experienced KLG attorney to ensure that your case is resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. Our legal attorneys will work diligently to ensure that your disputes are addressed efficiently and in a manner that protects and advances your personal and professional goals.

Supreme Court

Why Do YOU Need a Commercial Litigation Lawyer?

Business Meeting

Why is Kleyman Law Group the Perfect Partnership For You?


Over the course of our more than 10 years in business,, we’ve had the privilege to counsel numerous clients through the resolution of their litigation disputes. No client is the same, so we ensure every client knows there are also informal alternatives they can take to resolve their disputes such as negotiations, mediation, and arbitration.

If none of these options seems like they fit your specific situation, our KLG attorneys have many years of expertise allowing a judge and/or a jury to hear any given case, if this is actually the right option for you.

Our team creates winning legal strategies specifically tailored to your situation. No matter the scope of the dispute, our skilled business litigation lawyers know how best to serve you with tenacity and individual attention that only comes from a private law firm. Our professional team receives oversight from Alex Kleyman who is not constrained with the binding restrictions that often plague larger law firms.

Kleyman continuously negotiates multi-million dollar contracts for numerous cases. Our commercial litigation attorneys collaborate closely with each client to get the most favorable results possible.

Call KLG today, and we’ll handle any of your commercial litigation dispute with ease and expertise!

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